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Project Description

P01 - Project Coordination
Rudolf Zechner (Speaker)
Frank Madeo (Deputy Speaker)

Project Coordination and Management

In continuation of the first funding period the coordination project is the anchor point for all project parts, external collaborators, and participating universities. P01 provides the necessary organizational infrastructure for the consortium and assures the best possible setting for the scientific and non-scientific agenda of the SFB LIPOTOX.

The coordination team is responsible for all administrational, legal, and financial aspects, public relations work, organization of meetings, seminars and events, and for the support of the international exchange of scientists. Furthermore, this project part ensures that the consortium has appropriate access to highly specialized instrumentation and expertise via technology platforms. The proteomics and the lipidomics platforms, a microarray & bioinformatics platform, the platform for morphological and pathological analysis, as well as the mouse model platform for transgenic and knockout mouse models became indispensable to LIPOTOX research during the first funding period. A well-equipped microscopy platform has now been added.

Internal Contributions to the Technology Platforms

P02/Zechner: Generation and characterization of transgenic and knockout mice.

P12/Madeo: Clonogenic assays to analyze death pathways in yeast.

Members of the Technology Platforms

Mario ALBRECHT, Institute of Knowledge Discovery, Graz University of Technology, Austria: Bioinformatics analysis and computational time.

Harald KÖFELER, Center of Medical Research, Medical University Graz, Austria: Analysis of lipids with mass spectrometry and other chromatographic techniques.

Dagmar KOLB-LENZ, Core Facility for Ultrastructure Analysis, Center of Medical Research, Medical University of Graz, Austria: Transmission electron microscopy

Manfred KOLLROSER, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Center of Theoretical Clinical
Medicine, Medical University Graz, Austria: Protein analysis using mass spectrometry.

Gerald RECHBERGER, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz, Austria: Lipid and protein analysis by mass spectrometry.

Frank SINNER and Christoph MAGNES, Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria: Analysis of Acyl-CoA using mass spectrometry.

Marcel SCHEIDELER, Institute of Bioinformatics, Graz University of Technology, Austria: miRNA microarray facility.

Gerhard THALLINGER and Jürgen HARTLER, Institute of Genomics and Bioinformatics, Graz University of Technology, Austria: LipidDataAnalyzer software for high-resolution MS data analysis, Annotator software for functional annotation of proteomics MS data.

Zlatko TRAJANOSKI, Biocenter, Division for Bioinformatics, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria: bioinformatics analysis and computational time.

Heimo WOLINSKI, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz, Austria: High resolution microscpoy.

 Zechner         Haemmerle
Rudolf Zechner (Speaker)oooooooooooooFrank Madeo (Deputy Speaker)           

CV & Publication List R. Zechner in pdf format
CV & Publication List F. Madeo in pdf format

University of Graz
Institute of Molecular Biosciences
Heinrichstr. 31, A-8010 Graz

email: vanessa.csitkovits@uni-graz.at

Other Relevant Research Grants

Project Title
Grant No.
ERC Advanced Grant: The Role of Lipolysis in the Pathogenesis of Cancer-associated Cachexia (Zechner)
European Research Council - 340896
SFB LIPOTOX Additional Funding (Zechner)
City of Graz
SFB LIPOTOX Additional Funding (Zechner)
Country of Styria
TNT – Triglyceride Metabolism in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease (Zechner)
Leducq Foundation

Doktoratskolleg (Ph.D. excellence program) Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease (Madeo)

FWF W1226

Doktoratskolleg (Ph.D. excellence program) Molecular Enzymology (Zechner)

FWF W901

Causes of Spermidin-mediated Longevity (Madeo)

FWF P24381

Pro-autophagic Polyphenols and Polyamins for Longevity (Madeo)

FWF P27893



Anti-aging Effects of Intermittent Fasting im Humans (Madeo)

University of Graz, Unconventional Research

updated 15.06.2016

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund

Project Management: Dr. Vanessa Csitkovits, University of Graz, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Heinrichstrasse 31, A-8010 Graz, Austria