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Standardized protocols

Radioactive assays



Molecular Biology

Protocols     Contact person phone number email address
Isolation of lipid droplet Englisch German Mohan Chitraju    
  Englisch German      
  Englisch German      
  Englisch German

Mass spectrometry (Lipidomics, Proteomics)

Contact persons   phone number email address
Head mass spectrometry unit ZMB Dr. Gerald N. Rechberger 0316/ 380 1933 gerald.rechberger@uni-graz.at
Head lipid mass spectrometry unit ZMF Dr. Harald Köfeler 0316/ 385-73005 harald.koefeler@medunigraz.at
Joanneum Research Analytics Dr. Frank Sinner    
Proteomics (MS/MS), Medical University of Graz Prof. Manfred Kollroser 0316 / 380 7730 manfred.kollroser@medunigraz.at


Tryptic In-Gel-Digest Englisch German

Silver-Staining of SDS gels Englisch German

Destaining of silver-stained SDS gels Englisch German

Fatty Acid Methyl Esters with BF3 Englisch German      


Mouse model platform

Contact persons   phone number email address
Head and Administrator of animal facility ZMB Dr. Katharina Zierler 0316/ 380 1910 kathrin.zierler@uni-graz.at
Head technician animal facility ZMB Sandra Eder 0316/ 380 1904 sandra.eder@uni-graz.at



Supported by the Austrian Science Fund


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